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Tell Los Angeles City Council to Reject Banning Fur Sales

Los Angeles City Council is considering banning the sale of fur products in the city. This gross overreach means that they will be telling you what you can and cannot buy. Your freedom to choose what you can buy - and ultimately wear - is at stake. The U.S. fur industry is a well-regulated industry, with animal welfare at the core of its beliefs. A multitude of laws oversee the trade – from labels on garments to fur farm regulations and environmental laws at the municipal, state and federal levels.

Fur is a natural textile and is environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Council has not done its homework and is caving in to the political whims of a small group of animal rights activists who will not stop with fur. Wool, leather, cashmere and silk will be the next natural fiber textiles targeted . Please contact the members of city council and tell them you believe in freedom of consumer choice and want fur to continue to be sold in L.A.