Save Leather in California

On March 26th, a hearing on AB 527 will be held in the California Legislature which will allow the continued sale of alligator and crocodile in the state of California. If AB 527 does not pass it will be illegal to "possess with intent to sell, sell within the state, the dead body or any part or product thereof, of any crocodile or alligator".

This will have an extremely negative impact on businesses including fashion designers, leather goods manufacturers, skin traders, and even restaurant wholesalers. Additionally, consumers will be prohibited from the legal purchase of commercial goods made from these materials including handbags, garments, belts, watchstraps, shoes, as well as tanned skins and meat from crocodiles and alligators.

Trade in crocodilians, especially that in American alligator, is 100% legal with accountability trails. California is the ONLY state in the USA to have a law of this nature on the books and we need you to stand up for shoppers and consumer rights once again in California. Take Action today!